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How Good is Golf for Physical Excercise


Is Golf for Physical Exercise? Definitely!

Golf is great for your health. As a gentle and fun sport with no age barrier, golf is more physically rewarding than you would initially believe. Keep reading to find out more of the benefits to both your physical and mental wellbeing from this underrated activity.

How many kms do you walk in a round of golf?

It’s easy to be sceptical about how much exercise you can actually get in by hitting a few balls. You might immediately conjure up images of motorised carts transporting people around the course – not exactly the traditional idea of getting your heart rate up! However, if you ditch the cart, you can easily walk roughly 8-10km in a day! Obviously with a cart, this is far less. Of course, various factors contribute to the type of workout you will get in, too. Basically, golf is as exhausting as you wish to make it. The length of the course has an effect, but there is more to it than that. Retrieving the ball, walking up and down the green and even walking from the clubhouse all contribute to the overall physicality of golf.

Walking is one of the simplest, yet one of the most beneficial exercises you can do. Most people are not aware of the many health benefits associated with walking 30 minutes per day. If you really want to enjoy the benefits of this exercise, it’s best to walk at least 30 minutes a day, distraction free, and gradually increase the pace. Pick up your golf bag and you can have fun while you’re at it!

Strength & Flexibility

Aside from the walking aspect, you are also engaging your muscles. When you take a big swing there’s plenty of balancing, turning and twisting involved to give you an almost yoga style workout for your whole body. Also, do not underestimate the effect of carrying your bag around. Upper body strength is imperative for a great swing, therefore, incorporating a strength workout with the use of weights is a fantastic way to improve your performance on the green. A strength program will also help you to stave off fatigue and eventually preventing injury – particularly of the shoulder. Since Tiger Woods dominated the golfing scene in the 90s and 2000s, other competitors realised the importance of keeping their body in great shape for improved performance. Squats, pushups, lat pulldowns, cable wood chops and Russian twists are just a few examples of exercises you can add to your gym workout to increase your strength and performance.

Flexibility is highly important for your swing. Making an effort to warm up and cool down will greatly benefit your performance. Another option is to invest in a foam roller for any extra tightness. You want to keep your lower and upper body as loose as possible for optimum results. Buy an arm and thigh foam roller and use it to warm up before you hit the course. Flexible glutes are also critical because keeping a balanced swing depends upon it. You can include some hip flexor stretches and bridge exercises to improve these muscles.

Mental Health Benefits of Golf

While you can easily play golf solo, it really is a social sport as many people prefer to play in groups. This provides individuals with the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and enhance relationships. Additionally, forming human connections helps avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness.

The World Health Organisation found that positive interpersonal interactions and social participation are crucial protective factors from developing mental health problems. Mentally; getting in touch with nature and interacting socially is believed to reduce stress, while physically this keeps your blood pressure in check and reduces the chance of a stroke.

Furthermore, golf is far from ageist – anyone can join in! While it may be very difficult to become a pro at golf, it is relatively easy to be good enough to play 9 or 18 holes.


Overall, golf is brilliant for your physical and mental health. The fact it is so accessible adds to the appeal, as anyone can play it regardless of age or gender. You can make new friends or strengthen existing ones and if you aren’t very good you don’t have to worry about getting kicked off the team, as you can always play solo!

To stay ensure you stay cool while working out, try Crest Link’s unique moisture wicking technology. Crest’s MICRO-DRI technology keeps you cool in hot climates, improving your total golf experience.

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Keeping Fit With Golf


Golf is a game for everyone. A competitive game which is mentally and physically stimulating, but without strenuous demands placed on your body, golf is a great option for all ages and levels of expertise. It’s also accessible, with most courses offering entry to the public and depending on your level of commitment, you can play at a high or low cost golf course. This makes golf more inclusive, instead of just for those who can afford it. Even better, if you’re a senior there are plenty of courses which offer senior discounts as well.

Benefits of golf

When considering high-intensity workouts, golf may not necessarily spring to mind. However, just one round can see you walking at a pace of 6-7km for several hours, as well as engaging you mentally as you try to tackle the various challenges you are faced with. It’s also nice to get outside and feel the fresh air. Also, while there is the opportunity to get in some great exercise, golf is still considered a low-impact sport, making it age friendly. Socially it’s beneficial too, as many people link up with others for a game providing us with some vital human contact. There’s also the clubhouse which is a wonderful venue for socialising and making new friends. Other benefits include heart health, weight loss, stress reduction, improved sleep and life longevity!

How to Stay fit for golf

Even though golf is a gentle sport, your body will still need a certain level of maintenance if you wish to get the most out of it – particularly as you get older. With just a little dedication towards stretching and exercise, you can make huge strides towards maintaining your best on the golf course. Unfortunately, after the age of 30 our bodies succumb to the effects of sarcopenia, which according to Golf Monthly, is when, “skeletal muscle mass and strength begins to decline.” Have a look at this site for a few simple exercises to include into your lifestyle to maintain your fitness.

How over 55s can improve their golf game

Remember you are never too old to learn something new! This extends to your golf game. So if you’re over 55 and you believe your game can’t get any better, perhaps you should reconsider. Even if you’ve been playing your own whole, you can always take a lesson and utilise the training facilities at your local club. If you feel as though you have less power than you once had, look into taking a new approach with some strategy books.

Hopefully by now you’ve been convinced that age shouldn’t prevent you from competing and enjoying a game. By doing some gentle stretches and exercises outside of the golf course, as well as tweaking your mental approach and game style, you will be able to adjust your body and mindset to continue playing fantastic golf for many years. It’s also nice to look the part while you’re at it – have a look at Crest Link’s golf apparel which will help you remain cool and combat fatigue while you’re having a swing.

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Crest Link Announced as Australian Golf Official Apparel & Merchandise Sponsor till 2020



Crest Link is proud to announce they are the official golf apparel and merchandise sponsor of the Australian Open until 2020 and beyond. Crest Link has been the apparel sponsor since 2015 and is thrilled to be extending this honour.

What is the Australian Open?

As the oldest and most prestigious tournament of the PGA tour of Australasia, the Australian Open holds a special place in the heart of golf fans. The winner of the tournament will receive the Stonehaven Cup and take home around AUD$1.25 million, although this amount does vary from year to year. Last year it was the little known Australian Cameron Davis who took home the top spot at just 22 years of age. The youngster had only turned professional a mere 13 months prior to his historic win on one of the world’s biggest sporting stages!

In 2018, The Lakes Golf Club of Sydney’s south, will play host to the coveted golf event. To keep with tradition, the event is generally held on the eastern coast of Australia.

Crest Links Role

As official apparel sponsor, Crest Link’s role is to provide attire to all officials and event staff. Crest Link will also have an official merchandise marquee set up at the Australian Open especially for the event.

Crest Link has strong ties with the golf tours and top players in the region. Over the years, Crest Link has boasted a wealth of talented brand ambassadors including Australians Steven Jeffress, Darren Beck, Josh Younger, Gareth Paddison, and international stars S.S.P Chawrasia, and Chiragh Kumar.

Why Crest Link

With advanced apparel technology suited for the hot Australian weather, Crest Link was the perfect choice to sponsor the event. Using microfiber fabrics, Crest Link offers, “efficient moisture absorption and evaporation, a smooth feel and is lighter in weight compared with other fabrics.” The full range of options are; Micro-Dri, Micro-Dri A Vent, Micro-Dry UV and Comp.Tech. Importantly, Crest’s Micro-Dri material provides UV 30+ protection which is an absolute must for staff spending hours in the unforgiving heat. These qualities are highly beneficial for professional golfers who will be participating in the Australian Open which takes place in November – a particularly hot month in our country.

Crest Link is the preferred choice for professional golfers around the world. Keeping cool and dry on the course is a must for comfort as well as performance. The added benefits of improved flexibility and fatigue is immeasurable for professional athletes too.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Crest Link apparel please visit your nearest golf professional shop.

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2017 Australian Open dates confirmed


29 Feb 2016
by Mark Hayes

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Crest Link the right fit for the Australian Open

Press Release: Friday 31st July 2015


Crest Link and Australian Open
CREST LINK Managing Director Raymond Yee

Golf apparel company CREST LINK will be the Official Apparel partner for the Australian Open.

An established brand for many years, the Malaysian company are looking to further increase their presence Down Under and see Australia’s national Open as the perfect event to be associated with.

The Emirates Australian Open will tee-off at The Australian Golf Club from November 26 to 29 2017 and boasts prize money of AUS$1.25 million.

Jointly-sanctioned by OneAsia and the PGA Tour of Australasia the prestigious event recently confirmed that defending champion Jordan Spieth from the United States and Australian Adam Scott, the 2009 champion, will compete.

Spieth’s addition to the event is a magnificent development as this year he triumphed in the first two Majors, the US Masters followed by the US Open. He also tied for fourth in the recent British Open.

“This represents an exciting opportunity for CREST LINK to promote our brand,” said Raymond Yee, Managing Director for CREST LINK.

“The Australian Open is a world class event and attracts the best players in the world and we are truly looking forward to this partnership,” added Yee.

CREST LINK have strong ties with the Tours and players in the region and boast a wealth of top brand ambassadors such as Australians Adam Crawford, Stephen Douglas Allan, and Craig Hancock  and Irishmen Damien McGrane, Peter Lawrie.

Also part of their stable are Thailand’s Thaworn Wiratchant, New Zealand’s Michael Campbell, Singapore’s Choo Tze Huang, Filipinos Frankie Minoza and Antonio Lascuna, and Malaysians Shaaban Hussin and Sukree Othman.

“Our product is perfect for Australian golfers as our products offer efficient moisture absorption and evaporation, a smooth and much lighter feel compared to traditional golf apparel materials thanks to our innovation of Micro-Dri, this in return helps golfers to better perform,” said Yee.

“Some of our other innovations include Micro-Dri A-Vent, keeps golfers cool and dry at all time; Micro-Dri UV, provides protection against harmful UV rays; and COMP-TECH helps to increase blood flow to the arms and reduce soreness as well as fatigue. We believe our products put golfers and performance first beyond anything – this is because we are golfers too.”

“We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with CREST LINK for many seasons at a wide variety of our events and so it is outstanding to see them now become involved with Australia’s premier golf tournament,” said Mark Hardess, President ASEAN & Australia, World Sport Group, the promoter of the Emirates Australian Open.

As the exclusive apparel partner, CREST LINK will provide attire to all officials and event staff, as well as supplying Pro Am apparel.

Crest Link apparel also comes in fashionable colours and designs to suit all golfers.

For more information about Crest Link, visit