Stock Premium Golfing Apparel in Your Pro Shop

Got a passion for providing the best in golfing apparel to your members and customers? Crest Link is proud to supply a wide range of premium in-demand golfing apparel to pro shops across Australia.

Stock the range of quality Crest Link apparel in your pro shop.

Why Stock Crest Link?

Crest Link is one of Australia’s leading innovative golfing apparel suppliers. The official Australian Open apparel partner, Crest Link is trusted by professionals across Australia and overseas. An internationally established brand, Crest Link is commonly worn by touring professionals throughout Australia and Asia.

Held in high regard by casual, amateur and professional golfers, Crest Link is trusted for quality designs, durable construction and versatile apparel.

For stockists, Crest Link offers complimentary logo embroidery with the purchase of 45 or more shirts, contact your State’s distributor for more details.

Support for New Pro Shops

For new pro shops, the Crest Link team is committed to helping you build your success and customer base in your local area.

Already stocked in over 93 pro shops across Australia, Crest Link has become synonymous with success and golfing prowess. With a multitude of golfing apparel styles, the Crest Link range consists of everything for the casual weekend golfer to professional golfing uniforms.

With new designs and styles constantly emerging, the Crest Link range is updated twice a year. This means new stock for your store and exciting new styles for your customers.

To find out more about pro shop opportunities with Crest Link in Australia, contact your local team today.