Keeping Fit With Golf

Golf is a game for everyone. A competitive game which is mentally and physically stimulating, but without strenuous demands placed on your body, golf is a great option for all ages and levels of expertise. It’s also accessible, with most courses offering entry to the public and depending on your level of commitment, you can play at a high or low cost golf course. This makes golf more inclusive, instead of just for those who can afford it. Even better, if you’re a senior there are plenty of courses which offer senior discounts as well.

Benefits of golf

When considering high-intensity workouts, golf may not necessarily spring to mind. However, just one round can see you walking at a pace of 6-7km for several hours, as well as engaging you mentally as you try to tackle the various challenges you are faced with. It’s also nice to get outside and feel the fresh air. Also, while there is the opportunity to get in some great exercise, golf is still considered a low-impact sport, making it age friendly. Socially it’s beneficial too, as many people link up with others for a game providing us with some vital human contact. There’s also the clubhouse which is a wonderful venue for socialising and making new friends. Other benefits include heart health, weight loss, stress reduction, improved sleep and life longevity!

How to Stay fit for golf

Even though golf is a gentle sport, your body will still need a certain level of maintenance if you wish to get the most out of it – particularly as you get older. With just a little dedication towards stretching and exercise, you can make huge strides towards maintaining your best on the golf course. Unfortunately, after the age of 30 our bodies succumb to the effects of sarcopenia, which according to Golf Monthly, is when, “skeletal muscle mass and strength begins to decline.” Have a look at this site for a few simple exercises to include into your lifestyle to maintain your fitness.

How over 55s can improve their golf game

Remember you are never too old to learn something new! This extends to your golf game. So if you’re over 55 and you believe your game can’t get any better, perhaps you should reconsider. Even if you’ve been playing your own whole, you can always take a lesson and utilise the training facilities at your local club. If you feel as though you have less power than you once had, look into taking a new approach with some strategy books.

Hopefully by now you’ve been convinced that age shouldn’t prevent you from competing and enjoying a game. By doing some gentle stretches and exercises outside of the golf course, as well as tweaking your mental approach and game style, you will be able to adjust your body and mindset to continue playing fantastic golf for many years. It’s also nice to look the part while you’re at it – have a look at Crest Link’s golf apparel which will help you remain cool and combat fatigue while you’re having a swing.